Why Everyone Should Have a Mentor

To build your CV, once all the essential information has been gathered, we use a CV Mentor. You might argue that you have completed that data gathering exercises, you now know all you need to about yourself, so you can build your own CV. Well, you might be able to, but we believe in Mentors for many good reasons. Here are just a few of them:

  1. A Mentor is experienced and successful
    Much of the exercise of building your CV is ensuring that it fits well with your prospective employer’s expectations. A CV Mentor has worked within recruitment for many years and has seen the process from both sides. Your Mentor will know when a CV will attract attention, and whether that will be for the right reasons.
  2. A Mentor is a friend on your side.
    Taking on any new task alone is daunting. The experience and expertise of a Mentor will provide the reassurance that the decisions you make in building your CV will be the ones that meet your objectives. The Mentor can also ask the right questions to help you discover what your career objectives are.
  3. A mentor has an objective approach.
    Your Mentor’s job is to learn about you and reflect back to you what has been learned. This often gives a perspective on how much you have to offer an employer that you had not previously considered.
  4. Having a mentor improves your confidence.
    As your Mentor learns about you, provides feedback, and helps you complete your CV, you grow in confidence. The more you find that your skills, experience and achievements are clear and appreciated by somebody else, the more you understand that an employer can appreciate these as well.
  5. A mentor helps you set your goals
    It is far too tempting to leave vital work till the next day. A Mentor will not allow this, and will work to raise your confidence to a point where you want to complete the task now, because you know you can. Your time between jobs is shortened.
  6. Mentors have no hidden agenda.
    A Mentor is there to help you, not themselves. You are provided with advice for your own benefit, with no hidden or obvious agenda. You discover new information about yourself. Information you can trust.