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Intended Audience:

Experienced Managers and Leaders looking to diversify or transform their career.


The participant is provided with a LIFE Matrix personality investigation, then attends a one day workshop introduction to career management, the job marketplace and developing a quality management CV.. Finally the participant is invited to conduct a thorough online investigation into their career assets, and to work with a mentor to produce an Executive Summary and job hunting tools.


The online LIFE Matrix analysis produces a report into the participant’s personality traits and how to apply them to real workplace life. This information is used as the first part of comprehensive research into the lifelong accumulation of career assets which will demonstrate potential at a senior level. The workshop takes this personal knowledge and starts the process of revealing opportunities based on transferrable skills at an executive level. A toolset, including business cards and an executive summary, is introduced as part of placement searches in the unadvertised market, and methods for seeking opportunities for leadership and portfolio management roles. The online career investigation and mentoring delves deeply into this research, conducting a personal in depth discovery of the participant’s career assets; this evaluation provides the opportunity of maximising future income generation.


On completion, a Career Management Certificate will be issued to demonstrate to employers that the participant has taken this initiative. MMC will continue to support the participant with:

  • Mentoring for continued career progression, pay negotiations and relocations
  • Support with business creation and franchise agreements
  • MMC Closed User Group Social Media which will encourage experience sharing and create connections with company
    directors and recruitment businesses.
  • Career progression gaming platform encouraging further social interactions.

Attendees per Course: 15

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