Letter Writing

When conducting a job hunting campaign, the letter which provides a cover sheet to your CV is as important as the CV itself. This is the document which will be seen first, will create the first impression of you and will determine whether the CV is read, or not.

If the letter is to introduce you where there is no advertised job, then your objective must be very clear, your reason for writing must be one that benefits the reader, and the benefits must make an immediate connection to the business needs of that reader.

If the letter is in response to a recruitment advertisement, then the letter should relate the benefits you can bring to an employer directly to the requirements in the advert, or job description.

The classic cover letter:

Dear Sir
Please find enclosed my CV with regards to the position you are currently advertising.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours Faithfully

is not nearly good enough.

This does not even start to recognise that each letter must be different, personalised for the reader, relevant directly to the job requirements, and demonstrate immediate benefits which need to be explored at an interview.

Letters are not just for introducing the CV. They can be used as an important method of maintaining communication throughout the process. The letter to accept and look forward to an interview, the letter to follow up the interview, the acceptance letter, the rejection letter, the Thank You letter; these are all important tools to get you noticed, keep you in the forefront of a decision maker’s thoughts and ensure future opportunities are not lost.

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