Career Energizer

The work of setting up, and training Career Mentors has been performed by hugely experienced career coaches. These are people who have spent their working lives considering the impact of career planning on all of us.

In doing this work, articles and books have been written, theories discussed and peoples’ career experiences debated. Much of the resultant material is available from booksellers, and within coaching programmes.

Our career coaches have immersed themselves in this information, and added their own original thoughts, to produce a booklet we call our Career Energiser. To give you an idea of what can be learned from this, here’s a brief extract:

Some individuals experience a form of shock when leaving employment. The future suddenly becomes uncertain. Cash flow then is an issue even if a redundancy package is paid. The best way of living is from our earnings, not assets, no matter how they were obtained. Savings haemorrhage fast without income.

Often the confidence within a person diminishes, first mentally; it then begins to show in the physical appearance. The cause for this is found in the fact that all impulses of thought tend to cloak themselves in their physical equivalent. The social things one used to do and take for granted now need thinking about. Family and friends often act in a different way, in some cases as if the unemployment is a terminal complaint until a new position is found.

For this reason almost 70% of job hunters take positions below their level of capability ‘just to get a job’. Once this occurs the road forward to success and progression is rarely achieved.

In life and especially in job hunting there is a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for anything until there’s a belief it can be acquired. This demands a decision and decisions are hard to make and act upon.

The lack of confidence closes the mind and reduces Faith, Courage and Belief. Open mindedness is therefore essential for having belief especially in job hunting.

One requires no more effort to aim high in life or to demand prosperity and success rather than aim low, when confidence is an issue.

We are not just career coaches, we are also very generous people, which is why, when you have been on one of our courses, we will send you a copy of our Career Energiser, free of charge.